Mentor and Mentee Program


To take care of the students’ performance at all levels and to ensure that they perform academically up to their potential.

Mentor and Mentee Program

Students support and progression is the main objective of the institute. The institute is committed to inspire students to recognize their potential; to strengthen their varied capabilities; to build an interpersonal relationship between the teachers and students and ultimately to pursue their destined dreams.

Each teacher in all departments is assigned with the task of mentoring students. Teachers are directed to monitor the growth of the students assigned to them. All mentors keep a confidential data sheet about their students, “mentors assessment of students” which records a report of mentoring done by the teachers.

These reports are periodically evaluated by a team of teachers selected from each department. The mentoring program is monitored by a committee consisting of the Principal, Vice Principal and some experienced faculty.

Guidelines of Mentor-Mentee Program

  • Specific number of Students shall be assigned to teaching faculty who will enact as mentor.
  • The mentor shall meet the mentee regularly and will be attached to the same mentor for the entire duration of the program of his/her study.
  • The mentor shall meet the mentees regularly and record the outcome of the meeting. The details about each mentee will be recorded and periodically updated.
  • The mentor shall also note the details of those students whose performance is below average. The mentor shall interact with the students and try to understand the cause of the lower performance. If needed the mentor can involve the parents or subject teachers for improving the performance of the students.
  • The mentor shall monitor the presence of the mentees and if mentee is absent for a longer period, he shall report to the mentor. The mentor may take disciplinary action if any mentee violates the code of conduct.
  • Build confidence in students through affirmation of their skills and values.
  • Suggest effective strategies that enable students to thrive in college, leading to successful completion of their education and preparing them for future endeavours.

Assessment Committee for Mentor-Mentee Program

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Dr. Dharmvir GurjarPrincipal
2Dr. Asha. R. PatelChairperson
3Dr. Radha S.GautamVice Chairperson
4Prof. Tejas R. MistryMember
5Prof. Nipul N. MistryMember