Sorabji Eco Club

Nature is regarded as a force which manages human existence. Over the last few years natural disasters like flood, earth quakes, land-slides, species extinction etc. are disrupting the biophysical conditions that make earth a suitable place for all species. The disbalance in ecosystem on which human life depends has threatened and endangered the very existence of human life. The drastic changes in the climate urgently warrants a comprehensive global attention  and demands co-ordinated collective measures at individual, societal, national and international level. Constant efforts are being made across the globe by various local and global organizations to sensitize the community about the exhaustive nature of our valuable natural resources and the need to preserve them.

Eco clubs play an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst students. It is a platform where we can sensitize students towards their roles and duties for environment. Sohrabji Eco club has been constituted   to make students aware  of the importance of environment in their lives and to contribute towards a cleaner and greener society. Eco Club will sensitize the students about the exhaustive nature of our valuable natural resources and the need to preserve them. The club will work to instil environmental awareness among students through various activities, thereby, ensuring an environmentally aware and responsible community.  


  • To sensitize the students towards the environmental protection and preservation..
  • To maintain cleanliness in and around the campus
  • To promote culture of conservation of water 
  • To cultivate ‘NO Plastic Culture’ in the campus and  community
  • To organize plantation and cleanliness  drives
  • To encourage students to use eco-friendly products in their daily life.

Activities of the Eco- Club:

  • Educate students about alarming environmental issues by increasing awareness and 

     organizing Environmental Awareness Programmes 

  • Organize environmental preservation and cleanliness drives like Plantation drives,  

     Cleanliness Drives, No Plastic Campaigns   and rallies etc.

  • Herbal Gardening
  • Composting
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Competitions like Poster Paintings etc.
  • Celebration of various Days such as Earth Day, Environment Day etc.
  • Encourage students to use eco-friendly products in their daily life.
  • Instill a responsible and proactive attitude among students towards environmental   Preservation and Conservation.

Sorabji Eco-Club committee:

Sr. No.Name and DesignationName of the Duty Assigned
1.Dr. Dharmvir M. Gurjar I/Charge Principal 
2.Dr. Radha  S. GautamChair-person
3.Dr. Asha R. Patel
Prof. Arvind  B. Patel
Prof. Hetal R. Naik
Prof.Dr. Swati A. Naik


Sr. No.Name of the StudentClassRoll No.
1.Parmar Priyanshi N.F.Y.B.COM. SEM. I1029
2.Patel Bhumi J.T.Y.B.COM. SEM. V390
3.Shukla Arpit K.T.Y.B.COM. SEM. V3049
4.Chaudhari Tanvi S.F.Y.B.A.SEM. I012
5.Patel Trupti J.F.Y.B.A.SEM. I265
6.Chaudhari Het S.F.Y.B.A.SEM. I011
7.Chaudhari Harshit B.F.Y.B.A.SEM. I150
8.Gayakwad NamrataS.Y.B.A.SEM.III277
9.Pawar Sitej K.S.Y.B.COM.SEM. III2079
10.Prasad Dipika D. S.Y.B.A. SEM. III 009