Committees & Cells

Sr. No.Committee/CellName
1Career Guidance and Placement CellProf. Dr. M. D. Gohil - Chairman
Prof. Dr. N. A. Hariyani - Vice Chairman
2Grievances and Redressal CellProf. R. M. Patel - Chairman
Prof. R. F Palia - Vice Chairman
3Women CellProf. R. M. Patel - Chairman
Prof. Dr. P. B. Patel - Vice Chairman
4Anti-ragging Cell/ Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee Prof. K. R. Desai - Chairman
Prof. K. C. Patel - Vice Chairman
5Parent-Teacher AssociationProf. Dr. D. M. Gurjar - President
Prof. A. B. Patel - Chairman
Prof. Dr. A. C. Sharma - Vice Chairman
Prof. R. P. Patel - Member
Shree N. R. Patel - Member
6Alumni AssociationShree P. M. Modi - President
Miss Ekta V. Patel - Vice President
Shree N. N. Mistry - Secretary
Smt. R. K. Lad - Treasurer
7Campus Development CommitteeProf. M. C. Naik - Chairman
Prof. Dr. R. S. Gautam - Vice Chairman
8Minority CellProf. R. F. Palia - Chairman
Shri N.R. Patel - Vice Chairman
9OBC CellDr. A. C. Sharma - Chairman
Prof. N. O. Mansuri - Vice Chairman
10Code of Conduct Monitoring CommitteeI/C Principal Dr. D. M. Gurjar- Chairman
Dr. H. J. Patel - Vice Chairman