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S. B. Garda College, Navsari, one of the oldest educational institutions of the South Gujarat region, was established in 1945. In 1965 Commerce faculty was added to cater to the needs of the developing society in industrial area. With great pride we record that during the last 71 years of its history the college has contributed to the society by producing eminent personalities belonging to various fields like the college principals, professors, lecturers, school teachers, industrialists, writers, editors, journalists, M.L.A.’s, M.P.’s and many more other professionals who are serving the society by bringing glory to their Alma Mater.

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Vision & Mission


To provide quality education by infusing a new spirit among the learners is the prime objective of the college. It will be our endevour to march ahead with our motto ‘‘Excelsior’’ and pursue knowledge in a fruitful way.


  • Equal opportunity of education
  •  Value based learning
  •  All round development of students to face the challenges of life
  •  Preparing students for placements both during and outside the course work
  •  Focus on department—centered activities